No doubt a majority of us have received the mailing encouraging us to vote for the education overrides. Yes, there is a need, but we need to go after the legislators to provide money for education in this state.

My daughter is a teacher. When I was working, I provided all the ruled paper, pencils, pens, student assignment book, other books, etc. for her classroom besides donations for field trips and other needs such as art supplies.

Most of us just received our tax bills. Notice how more than half goes to education? Arizona voters have short memories. Remember when the Arizona lottery was proposed? We were guaranteed that ALL money raised was to go to education. Now, the lawmakers and maybe lobbyists have redirected most of the funds to other endeavors and very little goes to education. At the time Arizona was to be a leader in the country in focusing on education.

Maybe we need to be like the group in Colorado — have an effective petition to have our voices heard and have instant recall of at least two of our lawmakers. Yeah. Colorado!

Anne Cunningham


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