A fair, unbiased and respected judicial system is important to Arizona’s families who must deal with the justice system. At Arizona Save the Family Foundation, we oppose Proposition 115 because politics replaces merit as the most important factor in selecting judges.

Save the Family Foundation provides help for homeless and domestic violence victims. The people we serve rely on judges to protect them through orders of protection, disputes with landlords and child support enforcement. Our clients need a fair judiciary free from political influence.

Through the current merit selection process in place since the 1970s, we have seen a high quality of judges who understand the plight of domestic violence victims and follow the law to help those in need. Prop. 115 would allow unqualified friends of a governor to become judges. Prop. 115 only adds politics to our courts without improving justice. And that is why Save the Family Foundation opposes Prop. 115.


Jacki Taylor, Chief Executive Officer

Save the Family Foundation of Arizona

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The "Save the Family Foundation of Arizona" did not do its reasearch becasue politics is inivolved by the judicial system but is done in the background where the public has not authority in holding it accountable! Take a look at Terry Chandler's Pima County Superior Court Profile! She is greatly involved in politics and in operating a family court! And also, this is not a power grab as the legistalure as the right to ensure that their laws (our laws) are being used not some background privetized group within the legal community that has no accountability to the public(us the citizens of AZ). When Socialism is used by the court system it is involved in politics as socialism is a poltical viewpoint of democrats that want to attack the hard working citizens of pima county. This usupring has been going on for more then 10 years by the legal community!

Suggested Votes:
Prop 115: Vote YES. ****Accountability****

See below for all proposition explanation.
Prop 115 Reason: This proposition hits the heart and goes deep into our families and our values we stand for. Accountability, Integrity, and Honor must be reestablished in this states court system. Currently the judicial review boards and committees are under the control of the legal community and its inner-working. And the committee for judicial appointment does not reflect the public’s needs or the confidence the public seeks in its ability to appoint without corrupt intent. If you are biblically based or morally sound then you should vote “YES” on Prop 115. Voting No will continue to allow the deterioration of our civil rights, our equal rights to access the justice system and our right to protect our child under the ARS Laws. Currently ARS Laws are not followed by the legal community (Attorneys or Judicial officers). The public’s voice and confidence is in the ARS Laws and when the ARS Laws are not used or enforced by the legal community, the legal community then operates in its own privatized government entity or dictatorship over the citizens of Arizona! The reality is that JPR does not produce factual and legitimate reviews of judicial officers. The committees who appoint are not elected officials and are fully under the control of the legal community. Make sure to Vote “YES” on Prop 115 and reestablish our rights as citizens of Arizona! This Prop will give authority to three entities to select and review judges. The three entities are AZ Attorneys, AZ Legislature, and AZ Governor. Currently it’s done by and within the closed-loop legal community!


Should Prop 115 pass it would mean that cronies and freinds of the govenor and unqualified applicants would have equal chance of making it to the bench. We need to have checks and balances to keep out the politically correct or ones with thier own ideology agenda. A judge should be fair and balanced not party affiliated! God Bless America

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