Bill Richardson’s views on the gun control debate get a frequent and wide airing in the AFN. Unfortunately, his arguments against stronger gun laws are absurd.

An example is his assertion that more gun laws will not help because criminals will not obey laws. If we followed this “logic,” then we’d think:

• Some people will speed, so let’s not have speed limits.

• Some people will steal, so let’s not have laws against theft.

• Some executives will trade on insider information, so let’s not have SEC regulations.

It is just plain silly to say we should not have gun controls because criminals do not obey laws.

Laws tell us as a society what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Laws let us know who criminals are. Laws let us evolve our culture and civilization. How did slavery end? By law. How did women become enfranchised? By law. How do we know murderers can be punished? By law.

We need laws precisely because we are civilized and our society operates under the rule of law, not a “Wild West” mentality. Legal prohibitions make it harder to undertake illegal activities. They never eliminate them. So BY ALL MEANS, let’s make it harder for murderers to get guns. This is truly common sense.

Bryan Brinkley

Secretary of AZ PASS

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