Elaine Thompson

There are so many unconstitutional acts used by President Obama that it is hard to chronicle all of his actions. One issue is his use of the Executive Orders that he keeps using. If he sends a bill to Congress and it doesn’t get passed, Obama issues an Executive Order to accomplish his actions. This, of course, is against the Constitution. The Constitution specifies that Congress passes bills, the president executes bills, and the Judiciary reviews them for constitutionality. By eliminating Congress from legislation he has decided to become a dictator of a Totalitarian government, and unfortunately is succeeding in his subterfuge.

I have another big problem with the president, which is allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to remove all files containing Muslims from the FBI data base, and also allowing the Muslim Brotherhood to rewrite the FBI training manual, so that all references to Muslims are deleted. Our Muslim president has also decided that America’s major terrorist threat is from the Evangelical Christians in America, rather than the radical Islamofascists, that destroyed our twin towers on 9/11. This is an insult to all Christians, as well as all Americans. When is America going to wake up to his actions?

Don Crook

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