I drive by the Lakes Golf Course daily and have witnessed the steady, man-caused deterioration of what was once a lovely area.

The trees, which took a few decades to grow this large, are dying or already dead, just waiting for a chain saw.

Once open space is gone, it is gone forever, and we have to search further and further into the desert to find it again.

Wilson Gee and Pulte Homes aren’t thinking about the homeowners whose residences front on the golf course; they are thinking of the almighty dollar and are using their advertising and lies to coerce those homeowners into signing into their grand design.

My home is not on the Lakes Golf Course, but I will be affected by the increased traffic on the roads and in the stores, and other families will be affected by the crowding in surrounding schools.

If my home backed onto the golf course, I would have bought it for the view of grass and lakes and trees and would fight tooth and nail to retain that view.

How could anyone who does not live on the golf course vote for a development there, when it is not their property or view which will be destroyed?

Gee could look into donating this property to the city of Phoenix, the University of Arizona, or any number of entities who could be concerned with providing parks, recreation opportunities, playgrounds and beauty for Ahwatukee.

Surely he would gain some tax incentives by following this path. Remember, if Gee and Pulte have their way in destroying this property, the other golf courses are also in danger.

Silvia J. Leacock

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