Too often in our politics, education is used as a political football by both sides of the aisle. Candidates make campaign promises to earn votes that they fail to fulfill, and our students pay the price.

In the Democratic Primary for Congressional District 9, we have the opportunity to elect David Schapira, a candidate who will break that trend and make education a national priority.

We support Schapira because he’s an educator and understands what we, as teachers, board members and education advocates need to make our system better for students.

Unfortunately, Schapira’s opponents have launched false attacks about his leadership on education at the state capitol. We have been on the front lines of the education debate, and we can tell you that there has been no better advocate for us at the state capitol than Schapira.

He has led the fights against school budget cuts and against school vouchers, and we’re confident he will be a great advocate for us and our community in Washington.

Don’t let the baseless attacks win. Join educators and education advocates from across CD9 in supporting David Schapira in the Aug. 28 Democratic Primary.

Michelle Helm, president, Tempe Union High School Governing Board

DeeAnne McClenahan, vice president, Tempe Union High School Governing Board

Rochelle Wells, member, Tempe Elementary School Board

Penny Kotterman, former president, Arizona Education Association

John Wright, former president, Arizona Education Association

Tammie Pursley, president, Mesa Education Association

Joe Spracale, retired principal, McKemy Elementary School, and former Tempe City Councilman

Erin Kirchoff, former president, Kyrene Education Association

Ed Bufford, former president, Phoenix Union Classroom Teachers Association

Mitzi Epstein, chair,, and former member, Kyrene Governing Board

Sharon Doyle, board member, Tempe Union High School District Education Foundation, and former director, AEA Region 9

Carrie Brown, Kyrene parent

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It bothers me that Sinema quit the legislature at the beginning of the last session to run for Congress. Schapira stayed and fought the good fight.

It bothers me that Cherny quit as party chairman to run for Congress. This after promising to stay through the 2012 election cycle, and this at the most crucial time for recruiting candidates to run for office; the result: 23 Republicans running unopposed for state legislative seats, two Republican Maricopa supervisors running with no Democratic opposition, County Attorney Bill Montgomery running unopposed.

It bothers me that Sinema and Cherny were complete no-shows in the Russell Pearce recall effort. Schapira was there for the recall.

It bothers me that both Sinema and Cherny have to move into the district; Schapira has lived here his whole life.

David Schapira – Responsible, Loyal, Good Sense, and Connected to us.

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