The state universities want to "equalize" funding because this will "bring" $60 million?

It will confiscate that amount from people who earn it. What do taxpayers think about the plan?

Why are these stories always told from the tax takers side, and never from the earners?

It's "as fair as it possibly could be," the school president says?

Who are these people? Shouldn't reporters question them?

You want fair? Take the out-of-line University of Arizona down $900 to where the other schools operate so well. Wouldn't that be fair? You want fair - make U of A refund the excess they've been quietly grabbing all along.

These reports are hopelessly statist, reporters handling it don't know it, officials remain unchallenged and set the narrative, it's infuriating (and bad journalism).

The story is there on a platter, but this is why the media has lost so much credibility and it isn't earning any. Oops, there's that word "earning" again.

Alan Korwin

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