Dear Editor:

I read the article Congressman David Schweikert wrote to the AFN ("We are a people with a government, not the other way around," Feb. 11), and wondered what the pledge to America is going to do to the lower income people.

Schweikert, will you vote to reduce or eliminate Social Security from the people that paid for and depend on it to survive day to day? Are you aware that President Ronald Reagan signed and funded Social Security and promised to keep it for future generations?

Will you vote to repeal our long sought health care bill that we are so thankful our president and Congress gave to us U.S. citizens?

Will you vote to end the wars and bring the troops home and, therefore, save American lives and billions of dollars that are being squandered by the illegal Republican war in Iraq and the war in Afghanistan?

Will you vote to extend the tax breaks for the wealthiest? And, therefore, put balancing the budget on the working class?

Will you support building up America's infrastructure and put U.S. citizens back to work?

Are you willing to support American education for all Americans?

Will you give up your taxpayer pension; 401K and health care benefits the taxpayers pay you? Firefighters are being forced out of their state pensions by Republican dominated legislatures.

Will you reduce your salary to help cut the government's costs?

Will you reject any compensation offered from lobbyists?

Please let us know what your honest yes and no answers are.

Joe Campbell

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