When reading the article on page 1 (“Republicans gather at Grace Inn for primary results,” AFN, March 2) about the Republican gathering, I was surprised to read that Tom Morrissey said, “Every one of us agrees on one thing and that is what we need to focus on. That one thing is to fire (our elected President).”

Nothing about the need for jobs?

Zero about the struggle of our educational systems?

Nada about the desperate plight of those in need?

A focus of working with everyone in government on jobs, education and human services would seem to be much more important.

Andy Wangstad

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Andy Wangstad should team up with Joe Campbell... their "family values" are so "cute". What is this "struggle of our educational systems"? Do you mean the money wasted with no net productivity improvement? What are you people going to do during the depression?... you have no visible means of support.

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