I read with disdain the pitiful appeal of Pulte Homes (AFN, July 13, as published by their paid hack, Randy Christman). I do not know Mr. Christman, but I know that he willingly presents false choices for all residents of Ahwatukee, not just The Lakes.

This is not about open space. It is about MONEY. The other Ahwatukee golf properties are at risk if Gee is successful. The Lakes is first merely because it is the easiest.

A group of seniors, trapped by fear and limited income, forced to watch these pirates destroy their legacy. Some will pass away in damned property before the battle is done. Make no mistake, Gee destroyed The Lakes in hopes that a confederate like Pulte would enrich him. Who cares about the community that is there?

It should be criminal to create blight and then profit from it.

Make no mistake Wilson Gee and Pulte will profit millions of dollars by this wanton destruction, all sucked from the equity of retirees living there, not through hard work or struggle of Pulte, Gee or their “spokesman” Christman. Gordon Gecko would be proud.

Gee and company made promise, in the form of a contract and CC&R’s to retain the golf course, Gee wishes to break that promise. Pulte and Christman are simply Wilson Gee’s enabling mistress.

Somehow Gee seduced the local HOA into not enforcing their CC&R’s and maintain the course. Once the HOA was mollified Gee willingly and wantonly destroyed the course and other esthetics of the community. Killing trees, damaging limited wild life. All on purpose.

It is wrong, it is unethical and it is being rewarded by the sophistry of Pulte and Christman.

Now the destroyers are benefactor? Such is the promise of all abusers. Promise and allure borne of dirty dealings are legend in Arizona.

Pulte claims it had no hand in the destruction of the course. As a developer Pulte has “rescued” other communities. Gee knew this, and Pulte’s known practice created the very incentive used to destroy the land, worse it sows the seed for others to do the same.

Such is the creed of the con man, simply react to the need of the community, regardless of the underhanded way the need was created.

Kind of like the famous race based blockbusters of the 1960s. The only winners are Pulte, Gee and by extension, Christman.

Pulte profited mightily building homes in Ahwatukee and now agrees to plunder it. Disgraceful is too high a praise. Pulte and Christman should be ashamed of this association, not promoting it. I will never again purchase a Pulte home.

Michael Hinz

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