Read your article in the June 27 Ahwatukee Foothills News (“Taking the middle road in the vicious ‘cycle’”). Very good article but I personally have several pet peeves about bicyclists demanding the motorists share the road equally with them.

1. Does the bicyclist carry a license plate and tag for his/her bicycle and pay the huge fees like a motorist does?

2. Does the bicyclist maintain insurance for riding their bicycles on the street?

3. Does the bicyclist test and maintain a license for riding their bicycles on the street?

Answers to the above three questions are “NO.” So what gives the bicyclist the right to demand sharing of the road with the motorist? My wife and I live in Ahwatukee and both of us have witnessed packs of 10-15 bicyclists and individual bicyclists moving at high rates of speed south on South 36th Street taking up the bike lane and half of the outside lane for vehicles and then blow right through the stop sign at South 36th Street and East Ranch Circle North going south. Evidently the bicyclists need not comply with the laws of the road, if I was to do that in my car or truck I would definitely get a ticket.

When the bicyclists can comply with the laws of the road as they should and also comply with the prior questions so that they are also in compliance as I have to be with the vehicle laws, then I will yield to the bicyclist as they request, until then, THEY HAVE NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER!

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