Recently, on the recommendation of a friend, I went to see "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" at the movie theater. An hour into the movie, I left in tears after viewing a graphic rape scene. It was traumatic, and my spirit was deeply grieved. I asked the theater to issue me a refund, and they graciously complied.

Reflecting on what I saw, I couldn't help but ponder in sorrow and dismay, "Is this what our world has come to?" Are movies riddled with profanity and sex scenes the best Hollywood has to offer us today?

Are we not satisfied that we have been sufficiently "entertained" by a movie or a television program unless our minds have been filled with pornography, foul language, mean-spirited garbage, negativity, violence, and destruction?

Why do we so eagerly mock and degrade others at every opportunity, calling it "comedy" on "Saturday Night Live" or "just telling it like it is" on CNN? Does this type of programming truly fill our hearts and minds with content that makes us better individuals? Are these the kind of warped "virtues" that we want to teach our children?

I was struck by the people around me at the movie theater who were completely unaffected by what they were viewing ... what they PAID to view. We have become oblivious, numb to what we willingly set before our eyes.

Except when we see Tim Tebow on one knee, giving God praise, saying a prayer, joyfully worshipping Christ. THAT offends us. THAT makes us uncomfortable. The last thing we want our children to see is a man who is committed to God, who has opted to abstain from sex until marriage; a positive role model who works hard, treats others with respect and kindness, and lives a clean life. Sounds too much like Jesus.

Oh, America ... we are so far gone.

Monique French

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