Dear Editor:

While Lupe Carbajal's letter of Sept. 1 ("You can feel safe," AFN) was not short on bragging about what a good "U.S. born" citizen he is, it was short on - or rather, totally lacking - a commitment as to how he would proceed if he encounters illegals (i.e., head hunters, drug-runners, undocumented or whatever other law-breakers Carbajal chooses to bring up) on his voluntary patrols.

Does he respect the U.S. and U.S. law enough to assist and support law enforcement efforts to locate, apprehend and deal with illegals? Or does he revert to his heritage - the disrespect of his "undocumented parents" for the U.S., U.S. law and existing U.S. born and naturalized citizens - and turn a blind eye if the illegals happen to be Hispanic/Latino (for the record, had Carbajal not identified himself as Hispanic/Latino the latter question would have been as follows: Or does he give in to racism and bigotry and turn a turn a blind eye if the illegals happen to be Hispanic/Latino?)?

Full application of U.S. law to Hispanic/Latino illegal immigrants vs. Hispanic/Latino illegal immigrants being above U.S. law. That seems to have become the heart of the illegal immigration/secure the borders issue. Illegal entry into the U.S. is what it is -"illegal" - whether the immigrants are Hispanic/Latino or otherwise.

Lyn Shaw

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