I agree with Michelle Arana's column ("School crosswalk speeders beware," AFN, May 22) that there ought be no mercy for speeders who casually neglect the 15 mph school zones. And there's never a policeman around to see the speeding that takes place every day.

What I also observe in the two school zones on 36th Street at Kyrene de la Colina Elementary and Kyrene Centennial Middle School is that drivers do not know where the 15 mph zones end.

From the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) current driver's handbook, page 40 and 41: Portable signs: The maximum speed from the first sign to past the school crossing is 15 mph. So in between the two school crossing zones normal speed limits of 30 mph apply.

Of course I am always careful around busy schools and one can drive whatever speed below the posted limit they choose, but I have had drivers honk at me as they clearly do not know where the 15 mph speed limit ends.

If you look at that ADOT handbook also read the sections that say drivers should use turn signals, not tailgate and turn into the closest lane when making a turn.

Mark Burckhard

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