C.W. Griffin surely does love to "tilt at windmills," particularly those windmills from the past ("Limbaugh's colossal ignorance not limited to economics," AFN, June 15).

This approach seems to be the standard fare from the "left," sand in the air to divert attention from the extraordinary economic conditions right now.

Does anyone care what Rush Limbaugh says? I certainly don't.

Instead, why doesn't Griffin address why Obama ran as the candidate most knowledgeable to fix the economy, promising hope and change, yet delivering further recession.Our job creation rate, right now, covers only 20 percent of the jobs needed simply to keep up with population growth and your graduating student.

Interestingly, almost half of those jobs are in Texas. The other half are spread throughout the rest of the states. Wonder why?

Perhaps it is Griffin who actually is in "[Limbaugh's] angry old-men audience?" But angry over Limbaugh's success.

Jim Thompson


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Perhaps Griffin should go back to 08 articles where many outlined all that is now happening...

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