Too bad Brian Beck had to waste space on the Opinion page with 10 lines stating how bad Republicans write without anything useful to offer (“Where are the Democrats?” AFN, July 18).

I find that quite amusing. He needs to come up with something beneficial and more important to say than that. Maybe borrowing our President’s Teleprompter will assist him better on the far left talking points. But beware, when that Teleprompter breaks, our great orator sounds lost and even more incompetent.

Besides, Beck can watch MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and read every national newspaper to catch up on what a great economy we have; business can never succeed without government; transparency against our enemy is entertaining, but don’t make me do that; little unemployment; just a little national debt but let our kids pay for it; it’s fun forcing and bribing to pass ObamaCare, the Chicago way and reading the bill after it’s passed; don’t worry about having a budget — our government will take care of you; it’s great that unions should bankrupt our states and cities; it’s cool not to work and feel free to take all the freebies you can get; be ashamed if you work hard and are successful; Fast and Furious never happened; executive orders are fun to override our constitution; and voting without IDs, of course, should be mandatory; and all illegals and terrorists should have all the rights, of course, as natural born citizens.

Let’s take our country back come November and be proud to be Americans.

Kim Adamson

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