The article, "It's hip to be thrifty" (Feb. 18, AFN) disturbed me. Being a cheapskate myself, I went to the website ( to see if I could save a few cents. Much to my disgust, when I tried to print out a coupon, the one immediately following it was a coupon for Fascinations. As if that isn't bad enough, they add a few others you might have missed, giving a "reserved seat" at the bottom of the page for Castle Boutique.

Before writing this, I clicked on each one of the categories and, without exception, was assaulted with a coupon for these smut peddlers, no matter what I was looking for. The owners state that they are "motivated to propel the success of others," which, of course, means the success of these pornographic lion dens. When will the madness end?

Dennis Trumball

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