I don’t usually reply to any critics of my letters, but one critic didn’t seem to care that Obama was an Alinsky trained activist. Alinsky was an anarchist bent on destroying America, from the inside. He seemed to justify this by saying that Sen. John McCain had ties to terrorists. This is like saying that it is OK to be a bank robber, as long as your opponent is a bank robber. One writer volunteered that he had different information, and had gotten it from the New York Times. I had decided that the New York Times was not a reliable source.

Let me explain: George Soros gave an interview to Steve Croft, of “60 Minutes,” and excerpts were on the Internet. Soros mentioned that he had given $5 billion to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in 2008 to get Obama elected, because he felt that, “The main obstacle to a stable and just world order was the U.S.”

Steve Crofts’ comment was: “If you ever have wondered where Obama came from and just how he quickly moved from obscurity to President, or why the media is ‘selective’ in what we were told, here is the man who probably put him there and is responsible.” George Soros claims that he is the “Puppet Master” and Obama is his puppet.

As Obama makes his way to change America from a capitalist country, focusing on individuality to a totalitarian country, focused on collectivism, one more thing has to happen, and that is: the government has to control the media. Soros knows this, and he has stepped up by controlling 30 major news organizations. You may not know that ABCs’ Christine Amanpour, and Washington Post vice president Len Downie both serve on boards of operations controlled by Soros. He also controls Pro- Publica, a leftist organization that funds investigators, focusing on efforts to smear oil companies, for-profit schools, health care companies, banks, and the U.S. military. This group also has a 14-member panel “Journalism Advisory Board” that include members: CNN’s David Gergen, NY Times executive Jill Abramson, Boston Globe editor Martin Baron, and others. So, you see that Soros has major control of our media. His goals seem to be:

1) To eliminate Fox News.

2) To destroy the tea party.

3) To neutralize the conservative movement.

4) To change our free market capitalism to a totalitarianism government.

5) To neuter the Constitution.

6) To erase Judeo-Christian values from our culture.

7) To create a government controlled and funded by “news” organizations. In this case government means “Puppet Master.”

When you have a “Puppet Master” controlling much of the news it explains why different “facts” occur among people.

Don Crook

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