Dear Editor:

I have been an Ahwatukee resident since June and bought a home close to Pecos Road knowing very well that the Loop 202 extension may someday be built. I have been following the debate in the Ahwatukee Foothills News with great interest and what I find absent from all conversation are the pros of building the extension. In very simple terms the facts as I so far understand them are as follows: Voters approved the extension as part of a master plan. The Loop 202 has not been built in part because we are broke. The 202 is envisioned between Pecos and the residential neighborhoods of Ahwatukee, in some areas going straight through existing homes, a church and other structures. Some homes have been purchased and land set aside for displaced property owners, so this process has been going on for some time. Just about everyone agrees land south of Pecos would be better suited for the extension, but this land is not subject to eminent domain and its owners may or may not be interested in allowing construction on their property.

I drive down the lonely stretch of Pecos daily, admiring the Estrella Mountains, dust devils, many bicyclists and joggers. A late night drive is especially stunning in the direction of the mountains. Not once have I ever seen traffic. I can't help but think, "What the heck were the voters thinking?" What interests does tearing up this landscape serve? Would these same voters feel differently today? If there are perhaps commercial considerations, I'd like to hear them. I am a business person and road warrior so I certainly see the benefits of efficient travel. I could see perhaps those coming up Interstate 10 from Tucson in route to the West Coast, the 202 extension cuts off some travel time and perhaps traffic? I am hard pressed to see any other benefits. Certainly a heavy price to pay for some efficiency!

Would love to see in this paper those parties that have to gain by building the 202 extension to address this issue publicly, so at least this current voter may perhaps get behind you or oppose you?

Brian O'Leary

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