I want to make sure you know how disappointed I am in your vote on a "yea" to remove Commissioner Mathis. I realize that Gov. Brewer believes that there was "gross misconduct" on Mathis' part. I have read the reports.

I truly believe that if there was "gross misconduct" perpetrated by the commission, the Department of Justice, would have weighed in on the issue eventually.

Mathis was not even afforded the chance to respond to the allegations from the governor and, frankly, if Mathis had been found guilty of gross misconduct through due process, then Brewer was right to exercise her constitutional authority afforded to her by Prop 106.

We will never know because you and the Legislature violated her constitutional right to due process.

Brewer, in my opinion, has "snowed" you one more time. In doing so, she has also showed her hand to the citizens and taxpayers of Arizona.

You and a few others in the Legislature have been the voice of reason on many of these polarizing issues. For you to shirk that responsibility to your constituents and the citizens of Arizona is reprehensible.

Joseph Seelye

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