Dear Editor: D. Garvey's letter to the editor ("Does Harry Mitchell represent us?," AFN, Nov. 30) reminded me why I did vote for Harry Mitchell to represent us. Health care is a major issue in the debates. Most voters are concerned about so many U.S. citizens who can't afford health care. I have a difficult time understanding opposition to a water projects bill. Especially in the drought Arizona is in at this time. Garvey opposed to supporting our veterans? This really is a surprise to those of us who support our veterans. On impeaching Vice President Cheney, that should have happened long ago to both him and President Bush. Bring the troops back alive from this travesty in Iraq. I don't think anyone "wins" in war. A well-planned withdrawal is now being considered. Garvey asks, "Did we vote for wasteful spending? Where has he been for the last seven years? What has happened to our Clinton Surplus?" Harry Mitchell is for our troops and our country. I am thankful that he is taking the initiative to come up with solutions that will reach to both sides of the isle. I think the majority of Ahwatukee citizens are being represented much better than the previous District 5 representative. J. Campbell

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