Dear Editor:

I've had enough of dirty politics. I'm tired of fear-mongering, I'm tired of candidates lying and I'm tired of negative campaigning.

It was only a matter of time before even our local House candidates jumped on the disturbing national trend of slinging mud instead of discussing issues. Your newspaper recently ran an ad - paid for by a Yuma County political group, no less - saying Rae Waters voted against SB1070. I have a computer and I checked, and that's just a lie.

I don't like candidates who treat voters as morons. And I'm tired of campaigns assuming voters will react like frightened children every time they produce a mailer or TV commercial featuring grainy black-and-white photos or chilling music.

John McComish, Jeff Dial and Bob Robson should be ashamed of themselves.

I'm voting for Rae Waters, and only Rae Waters, in the Arizona State House race. I'd vote for another, but I'd rather give a vote to candidates who treat me like an adult, not like an ignorant child.

Nicholas Collins

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