Regarding the closure and Pulte Homes’ proposed development of The Lakes Golf Course, there is only one logical defense: Vote NO on any petition presented by Pulte Homes. If those of us living in the Ahwatukee Board of Management jurisdiction do not want an influx of new homes and the inevitable traffic, congestion, loss of open space and urban heat island effect that will ensue, we must not allow the protective CC&Rs to be changed, which is what Pulte needs to proceed. The company must have positive signatures from over half of the 5,100 homeowners in the ABM jurisdiction allowing these sensible Codes, Covenants and Restrictions to be changed.

Pulte currently is meeting with groups of homeowners and presenting a rosy picture of what their proposed development will bring. Even if you do not live on the course, or even very close to the course, rest assured that you WILL be affected negatively by 250 or more new homes being injected into a lovely, established neighborhood. Pulte proposes putting 2.5 single-family detached homes on each acre. Add in the necessary driveways, roads and other access that must be built, and you will have a crammed, crowded, overbuilt neighborhood that will devalue surrounding property

Please educate your neighbors and friends. Let them know what they stand to lose. Urge them to NOT sign the Pulte petition. Possibilities are being explored to return The Lakes to the beautiful course it once was. Tell Pulte NO, and give it some time.

Jody Kennedy

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