Jumping ahead of the sure-to-come leftist rants against Donald Trump, I want to opine why I think a Trump presidential candidacy would be a good thing.

Trump is saying it like it is, perhaps a little crudely, but exactly like it is. The "little guys," the working classes of middle America, agree with what Trump is saying... particularly the "kissing" and "kicking" parts.

Those who would denigrate Trump's running for our highest political office are missing a subtle but very useful aspect of Trump's candidacy: If Trump were to win the presidency, Obama would just quietly leave office and enjoy all the benefits of being an ex-president. Unfortunate.

But if Trump splits the right-wing vote (the likely scenario), Obama stays in office. But middle America will have dominated the House and the Senate.

Then we can impeach Obama, find him guilty of ignoring the advise and consent requirements of the Constitution, perhaps even find him guilty of some truly criminal charges. Next we round up the "czars," and the other hack appointees and send the lot of them to Mexican prisons.

Jim Thompson

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