When thinking of health care one must remember that Obamacare uses Cost Benefit Analysis when deciding how to treat you. This means that different options for treatment are considered, but cost and age are plugged into their equation to determine, not what is best for you, but what Obamacare is going to do. They select the cheapest option for your care. They have a limit on the treatment cost. It is something like $22,000 for six months.

If your treatment costs more than that they will not proceed with treatment. This is why all seniors over the age of 70 will not be treated for cancer. Many seniors in that position may decide to go out of country to get treated, but if the government finds out that you did that the government will punish you, by not paying Social Security to you for the rest of your life. So, you can see that things are different for Obamacare than before. When you went to your doctor, and he treated you with the best treatment for you.

Also we are going to have massive lines waiting to see the doctor, just like a third-world country. Make sure that you understand this: government-controlled health care cannot compete with our capitalist system, which gives care at much better quality than government care.

Don Crook

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