The same man has been to our house twice. He stated up front he was representing Pulte. He asked if I had a stand on the Pulte development. I told him that I am aware of the situation and, based on principle, I am against the development because of the way it has been handled from the get go. He said the buyer, Gee, has received a lot of negative reaction for letting the golf course deteriorate. I said, unfortunately, so has Pulte just by association. When asked what I would like to see, I responded that I would like to see more options, i.e., the community garden, riparians, walking paths, just other options. He said that he would put me down as an “undecided.” I called him back and said, I have decided, I will not endorse the development as currently proposed. I don’t care if the mud hole/moon crater stands for awhile.

I said it’s unfortunate that Pulte is receiving spillover negativity, but it’s also too bad for the homeowners who paid premium prices for their homes with beautiful views only to have a stinky moon crater to stare at over their dinner.

Patricia Carper

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