Dear Editor:

You can always count on C.W. Griffin to rant ("Tax cuts for the rich benefit the rich," AFN, Oct. 20) about tax cuts for the "rich." Even though the GOP leadership indicated long ago that they'd go along with leaving the Bush tax cuts in place, except for the rich.

I'm curious what Griffin thinks the rich do with their money? Spend it in the economy, creating jobs? Oooops! I forgot that Griffin is of that crowd who thinks the government can spend our money more wisely than we can ... make more government jobs. Of course the Democrats pulled a fast one and failed to bring renewal of the tax cuts to the floor, yet we will blame Republicans. And you "ordinary" people will see your withholding jump 50 percent come January. Enjoy!

But, in a way, I have to hand it to Obama, he's found a way to hasten his ascendency to dictator ... print money, but give it out only to teachers' unions and government workers. Creates nasty inflation and devalues the ordinary guy's income.

Griffin always talks in generalities, no specifics. Griffin, how about some numerics ... debt at end of Bush regime, debt now, likewise private-sector employment numbers.

Griffin also fails to tell us how the FDR regime (who Obama seems to want to emulate) was downhill every inch of the excess spending way. Only WWII saved the day and pulled unemployment from the 15 to 20 percent range back to zero in less than a year. That sort of thing might save our economy again, except Pakistan and Iran will now have the bomb, and we may well lose. Obama has already indicated how he doesn't like the sight of blood. For a hilarious demonstration of our "medium well" president, surf on the web for Bobby Flay trying to teach Obama to grill a steak.

Jim Thompson

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