It started off as a challenge to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. In our class we were discussing how we could make a difference in the world. There are so many “NO Bullying,” “No Name-Calling,” and “No Hate” programs. They are good, but we felt they were all negative messages. We wanted to do something positive. One of the ways we have found to make a difference is to do a project called “100 Random Acts of Kindness.” Random acts of kindness are random and kind things you do for others. For example, you can hold the door for an elderly person.

Our class has also been doing “Gold Star Mondays, ” when we give gold stars to people who make a difference in our lives. We actually give them two stars. One star is for them to keep and the other one is for them to pass on to someone who makes a difference in their life.

We need your help in making the world a better place. We have a challenge for you — 100 Random Acts of Kindness. We have challenged each other in our class and many have reached 100 already, two have even done over 1,000.

We have challenged our school, Monte Vista, and the Kyrene School District. Now we want to challenge YOU! Make a difference. See if you can do 100 Random Acts of Kindness. It just takes a smile, a thank you, a helping hand — that’s all! Let’s make the world a better place.

You can make a difference. Kindness is contagious so pass it on!

Lily, Shirley, Jamie, Haley, and Mrs. Perks’ class at Kyrene Monte Vista Elementary

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