Dear Editor:

We've had some characters running for office in recent years, but I think the perennial candidacy of Jeff Dial has brought us to a new low.

I've read a lot of election material and watched the District 20 debate, and Dial is the least qualified, least thoughtful potential officeholder I've ever had the misfortune of voting against.

Dial is woefully uninformed about basic issues; something that's especially baffling considering this is his third time running. He's had six years to acquire some baseline information about the issues affecting us, and he still has no idea when asked about them. He just spews some platitude ripped from a Reagan speech then mutters catchphrases about education.

He says he's an executive with a family business, but the business is in California. He says he's worked there for "20 years," but they guy's 34.

It doesn't add up because it's not true, and it shows.

Don't vote for this guy. We don't need anymore doofuses in the state Legislature, and we certainly don't need one representing us.

Joseph Seelye

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