I was dismayed by the content of one of the letters you published. Elaine McKenna (“Give tax cuts to real job creators,” AFN, June 6) asserts that tax credits for creating jobs are the key to job growth, and laments the loss of revenue that results from cutting taxes. Both of these assertions are lacking in substance.

Businesses do not hire people to get tax breaks. They hire people because there are increasing customers, and the company needs more employees. If I were running a business, I would not hire an employee at a cost of $50,000 per year in order to get a $3,000 tax credit. If I did, I would go out of business.

Tax cuts do not result in a loss of revenue. This derives from the concept that all wealth that is earned belongs to the government, and cutting tax rates denies the government wealth to which it is rightfully entitled. The wages that I earn belong to me, with a portion being deducted as taxes.

When you publish such letters, you give them an air of legitimacy that is not warranted.

Robert Splaine Jr.

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