A heartfelt thank you

Dear Editor:

Dr. Joe Pearson, an Ahwatukee Foothills orthodontist, would like to thank his patients and the community of Ahwatukee for contributing to his Phoenix Children’s Hospital Toy Drive. There were so many items that we had to make several deliveries.

The toys are given to those children who have to spend the holidays away from home. These children are so appreciative of all of the toys they receive. The parents can’t thank you all enough for putting a smile on the face of their child. It really means the world to them, that the public joins together for such a wonderful cause.

We truly appreciate all of you who dropped items off. Also, we would like to remind you that our toy drive is year-round. Even though the holidays are over, there still are many children in the hospital away from their homes. If you would like to drop items off, you can call our office at (480) 759-7575 to schedule a time.

Thank you.

Dr. Pearson and staff


Doctors not government

Dear Editor:

Recently you published a letter from Fred Barlam (“Health insurance: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times?” AFN, Jan. 13) who compared Rush Limbaugh’s health care experience with that of Mackenzie Saunders, the young soccer player who was recently injured.

According to the writer, Limbaugh had “relief pour over him” and he felt the system worked well for him. Did the writer seem to think Limbaugh did not deserve good care?

Or was he disappointed that Limbaugh had no long-term complications?

He seemed to forget the most important issue here – Saunders had relief pour over her, as well. And she is expected to have a full recovery. The system did work for her, thank God.

Her doctors controlled her care. Not the government.

As for the cost of health care, there is little doubt we need reform, that is clear. But Barlam, like so many others, are so anxious for change, they are not looking at the details.

The proposed plan gives too much power to the federal government to control our lives. Good people, no doubt like Barlam, are so anxious for change, they are not asking the important questions.

But then again, we have not been able to read the plan. There has been no “transparency,” and it appears to be extremely complicated and lengthy. Doesn’t that concern Barlam? The supporters of this plan have a very naive faith in the government. They will be disappointed.

Don’t be fooled by the American Medical Association’s support of the plan. They only represent 17 percent of doctors and just like many other organizations, they have a significant financial incentive for it to pass.

Ask your doctor his or her opinion. They will tell you, because they are terrified for the future of health care in America.

The health care system is working well. We need insurance reform. Let’s do it right.

Jean Bobb


Why Arizona needs Lujan

Dear Editor:

In the past year, Arizona has experienced a time of extreme mismanagement of state resources, and we are desperate for a change. As a leader who has always put the needs of those in need before the wealthy or powerful, minority leader David Lujan is the leader we need as Arizona’s next attorney general.

As attorney general, David Lujan will continue his fight against child abuse and domestic violence, stop mortgage fraud, protect consumers from identity theft, curb human trafficking and border violence, and defend the rights of all Arizonans. With years of experience prosecuting labor law violations at the National Labor Relations Board, and protecting Arizona families as the staff attorney for Defenders of Children, Lujan will bring a commitment to the office of attorney general that will protect justice for all.

In the 2010 legislative session, Lujan will be working closely with current Attorney General Terry Goddard on a number of bills to protect Arizonans from crime, including bills to crack down on human smugglers and border violence. To Lujan, it is all about protecting people, and that is what he will do as Arizona’s next attorney general.

I urge everyone to visit DavidLujan.com to learn more about Lujan, and learn how you can help support his mission to protect all Arizonans.

Chase Williams

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