Note to Andrew Walter’s guest commentary on June 1 (“Today’s Phoenix VA is tomorrow’s Obamacare,” AFN). As an independent voter, I will vote in the upcoming Republican primary. I watch with interest what spews forth from the candidates. It appears Mr. Walter was too busy at Arizona State University to take classes that would have enhanced his reading comprehension. The Affordable Health Care act is not “government-run health care.” Those effected by the AHC still visit their “private” health care provider. Paid for by those “private” health care insurance providers. Works the same as your current private health care insurance, which I presume is somehow connected to the NFL pension and benefits you enjoy. You go to the doctor, the doctor bills your insurer, and that HMO decides what and how much to pay. As a Vietnam vet, I watch the unfolding issue with the VA with great interest.

R. Anderson

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