C.W. Griffin, wow do you kiss your wife with that mouth? (“Most anti-gun-control lobbyists are not patriots,” AFN, Feb. 17).

We hear so much about the haters in the Tea Party and conservative ranks, it’s nice to see an enlightened progressive spew some venom in the public forum. Gun violence is a plague on our society. But if you really look at the root of the problem it is violence in general that is the disease. The Roman philosopher Seneca in 45AD said, “A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in the killer’s hand.”

This argument has been waged for millennium. You are correct about one thing in your letter, the anti-gun-control lobbyists are not patriots. But then again neither are the lobbyists for all the leftist causes out there. Both are in the game for the power and the money they can get from their fights — just like most of our politicians. It is the citizens, it is all of U.S., that really hold the power although we seldom use it.

But spew on Mr. Griffin because I believe in the First Amendment as strongly as I do the Second Amendment. And when we lose one we will probably lose them both.

Scott Lanham

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