Thanks to those who helped save the trees

Dear Editor: 

I would like to personally thank the person/people who have been proactive in notifying our community of APS's plan to chop down the numerous trees lining the trail between Ranch Circle South and Sun Ray Park.

Unfortunately, few were given the opportunity to voice their opinion last year before APS destroyed "Big Tree" (at least, that is what our family had called it). It had been located on Ranch Circle South, across the street from Kyrene de la Esperanza Elementary School. Kids of all ages used to play on that tree, family pictures were taken in front of it, and it was even used as a landmark when trying to help unfamiliar friends and family navigate their way through our somewhat  look-alike, often confusing neighborhoods. I am sure that I am not the only one who was sad when that tree was unexpectedly chopped down.

The time and effort that went into creating (and posting) these informative fliers is truly appreciated. I was able to contact APS, Councilman Sal DiCiccio's office, and the Mountain Park Homeowners' Association and voice my opinion regarding APS's plan.

Again, thank you.

Michelle Molera


Noise and cut-through a freeway concern

Dear Editor:

Thank you for keeping Ahwatukee up-to-date on the continuing changes regarding the South Mountain Freeway Loop 202. Two aspects of the current freeway design concern me based on long experience here in Ahwatukee.

The first is the ability of noise to carry long distances in the desert environment. Since the freeway will have overpasses 25 feet above grade, which preclude sound walls, we can expect high-speed traffic noise to carry several miles, similar to the noise from Interstate 10 now.

The second is the impact on local traffic of the absence of interchanges at 32 Street and at the current end of Pecos Road. Several years ago, when the Chandler Boulevard bridge over I-10 was being widened traffic on Chandler was backed up regularly, drivers started to cut through small neighborhood streets such as 44th Street at the Ironwood Library and Mountain Sky Ave. This was such an annoyance to the homeowners that they had the city install speed bumps and post signs prohibiting through traffic, all of which are still there.

The relevance is that 32nd Street has several schools nearby, which creates a lot of local traffic. Without an interchange on the proposed freeway at 32nd Street, traffic currently using Pecos Road will have to use 40th Street or 24th Street instead. This will undoubtedly create more cut through traffic on Liberty Lane, Silverwood Drive and Lakewood Parkway.

Without an interchange where Pecos Road ends, residents of Foothills Reserve and Calabrea will be cut off when construction reaches them until the city finds the money to extend a road such as Chandler Boulevard, Liberty Lane or Frye Road out to them. When that happens, 17th Avenue and Desert Foothills via 3rd Street will be the main interchanges replacing Pecos Road and cut through traffic from west of 17th Avenue will increase greatly.

And none of this gives any consideration to the new traffic from outside Ahwatukee that increased access will create.

Tim Lank


Fighting health care reform is not the wave of the future

Dear Editor:

So Annie Oakley is not about to “give up one more inch of ground” to those “bulldozing feds” who are out to destroy “the very core of a civilized society.” Brave lady, that Linda Turley-Hansen, riding out to champion the cause of those compassionate insurance monopolies against those lazy, greedy little poor people who want health care for their children (“State sovereignty is the next battlefield over health care,” AFN, April 2). Hurrah for the obviously selfless concern for society. We’ve just gotta stop that soooocialism sneaking in under the tent flap of the republic. The sovereignty of our state is at stake; do I smell secession from the union as a next step?

About the only faux noise cliché Turley-Hansen neglected to use in her rant against “Obamacare” actually is the word, “socialism.” She reminded us that we need to stop those “feds” who are going to be “confiscating our neighbor’s income.” What an appropriate editorial for the day on which Christians have historically celebrated the death of one who cried out “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

As someone who has personally and repeatedly both seen and experienced (in Europe) that health-care-for-all that she intones against, I know how much better it works than does the “best health care the affluent can buy” here in the U.S. of A. Those that have universal health care love it. Rather than destroying the “very core of a civilized society” it has become an integral part of the life, liberty and happiness of just about all civilized societies - except ours, until the Democrats “crammed it down our throats.” Those who are fighting against health care reform simply don’t know what they are doing. They don’t know that the uninsured already cost taxpayers big bucks for last resort ER treatments that universal health care would have treated more economically.

Thank God that someone finally pushed us toward the community of intelligent, civilized and compassionate nations. Now let’s fix the weak parts (slipped in as insurance company paybacks) by enacting Medicare Part E (Everyone). Enough unregulated corporatism. Those who fought Social Security, Medicare, and numerous other progressive ideas are not the wave of the future; Arizonan’s won’t be fooled this time.

Dr. Roger Miller


She’s just wrong

Dear Editor:

I have never disagreed more with an op-ed piece than I do with the one by Linda Turley-Hansen in the April 2 issue (“State sovereignty is the next battlefield over health care,” AFN, April 2).

I’m so thankful that the federal laws trump the state laws especially in this state run by ultra right-wing conservatives. Our governor and Legislature has already taken medical care away from our neediest citizens so now they want to make sure that these people and others cannot receive medical care through the new health care program. So they are spending money we don’t have to sue the federal government to make sure health care won’t come to the citizens of Arizona.

She goes on to say we can do this better by ourselves. When has our state government ever done anything for its neediest citizens? The answer is never.

Al Stein

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