During the week of June 25, the Justices handed down two important and questionable rulings. One which left Arizona twisting in the wind when it eviscerated our SB 1070, and another which may have sent our nation into the abyss of socialism or fascism. Perhaps even communism.

Since we all know about SB 1070 and the impact the ruling will have on Arizona, let’s focus on the universal health care ruling. This decision affects the entire nation, our economy and, ultimately, our future as a viable constitutional republic.

Let’s ask ourselves a few questions. Does the ruling given by Chief Justice Roberts make a mockery of the Constitution? Has our Constitution become nothing more than a charade? Has the Supreme Court become a tool of the progressive left? Has capitalism been tossed into the ideological scrap heap only to be replaced by socialism or fascism? Why didn’t Justice Kagan recuse herself? Her failure to do so is an egregious failure of character. Since she helped Obama get the law passed, she is guilty of a conflict of interest. Surely that’s enough to warrant a recusal. Why did Justice Roberts side with the socialists in the Court? Somehow, this doesn’t pass the smell test. Is there a skunk in the perfume factory?

It looks as if our nation has lost its moral compass. But what can you expect from the amoral progressives?

If some of the talking heads have it right, Roberts may have done us a favor by defining the mandate as a tax. At least that gives Congress a second chance to repeal the legislation. You must laugh when you consider those who supported this law refused to call the mandate a tax. Obama was interviewed on television in 2009 by George Stephanopolus, and he refused to acknowledge the mandate was a tax. Is it possible Justice Roberts has called the President a liar by making this judgement, and imputing a distinction between a mandate and a tax.

At first blush, it looked as if we’d been sold out, but there may be a happy ending when we take back the Senate and retain our majority in the House. But, if the people of the U.S. continue to accept the lies of this president, we shall lose the nation to socialism or fascism. However, if Romney wins, it’s “Katie bar the door” for the good guys!

Pray as if everything depends on God, and act as if everything depends on you.

This truly is the most important election in the history of our nation. Perhaps in the history of mankind.

Don Kennedy

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