People around the country were shocked by X-ray images showing a 3-foot fishing spear piercing a teen’s skull and brain. The tragic accident occurred in the Miami area earlier this month when the teen’s friend misfired a spear gun. Miraculously, the boy survived.

If the thought of the pain endured by this boy horrifies you, please consider that fish also suffer when they are torn apart by spears, impaled on hooks, or sliced open by fishing nets’ thin mesh.

In her book, “Do Fish Feel Pain?,” biologist Victoria Braithwaite says that “there is as much evidence that fish feel pain and suffer as there is for birds and mammals.”

Even fish who are released after being caught can die from the injuries and stress. When anglers remove hooks from fish, they often tear the animals’ mouths, which are full of sensitive nerve endings. One scientist says that catch-and-release victims are often “in a stunned condition when they’re released.”

Leaving fish in the water where they belong — and off our plates — is the most humane choice. To find out more, visit

Paula Moore

The PETA Foundation

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The important question is not "Do fish feel pain", it's "Do PETA members have brains?"

But I do support PETA members avoiding animal protein... the sooner natural selection takes its course, the better [beam]

However I wish they'd stop using the PETA acronym. Everyone knows "PETA" means "People Eating Tasty Animals".

Yummy, yummy! Get that rare steak on my plate, NOW!

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