I just wanted to share something that happened to my wife and I recently in Ahwatukee Foothills.

On a recent afternoon my wife and I were walking into Walgreen’s and in the parking lot was a wallet bulging with cash and cards. I picked it up and took it right into the store and gave it to the manager. It felt good to do the right thing, and I said I hope someone does the same for me.

The next afternoon my wife had prepared the bank deposits for our business to take to the bank inside the Fry’s on Ray Road. On her way, she dropped me off at my car after it was being serviced at Purcell’s and she went on to Fry’s. Five minutes later she called me and said she could not find the bag with the deposits. She had it when she dropped me off at Purcell’s and when she got out to get behind the wheel the bag must have fallen on the ground.

We searched everywhere we could imagine for about a half hour. The money was nowhere to be found. We were in a panic.

My wife then just had a feeling and she went into the Fry’s and to the Chase Bank counter. She told the attendant what happened and he said that someone had found the bag in the parking lot at Purcell’s and had brought it there to the bank and the bank made the deposits and had called our office to leave a message.

We are so grateful to that honest person for doing that. I got my wish from the day before, but knowing the people we know from the 22 years we have lived in Ahwatukee, it doesn’t surprise me.

Michael Mizell

Mizell Insurance Agency

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