I sympathize that Dave Anderson and his wife lost their dog, but deep down I hope he realizes that it’s his own disregard for the leash laws that Tootie is no longer with them. If he had kept Tootie on the leash like she was supposed to be for her own safety, he would have been able to pick her up. She would not have run, and the other dog would have lost interest as soon as he picked her up. He also did not have voice control over Tootie, as she was the one who ran towards this man’s dogs. His dogs were leashed and one broke free because Tootie was egging it on, and things like that happen, but at least he was obeying the law.

Many dogs have a high prey instinct, and this is not what makes a “vicious” dog. Even Yorkies have this instinct, as they were bred for ratting. Please observe leash laws and take your dog to a training class so that you are able to have control over them if you take them off leash.

Joanne Braford

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