When Snowden made his disclosure charging NSA with spying on all Americans he was dismissed as an unpatriotic American, but his evidence was unquestioned. When a government spies on its citizens it can use this information against its political enemies to destroy them. I have no proof that Obama used any of this information collected to destroy one of his critics, but here is what happened to Wayne Allyn Root: On the internet he wrote an article titled “Classmate of Obama speaks”.

Wayne had attended Columbia University and was in the same class as Obama, given by Cloward, and Piven, which outlined a plan to socialize America from within the government. The article he wrote was not flattering, as he criticized Obama. The next thing that happened was that the IRS targeted him, bringing him to court. The plan of the IRS was to exhaust all of Wayne’s money, which it accomplished. After Wayne won the first lawsuit, he was then charged with another lawsuit. This made him aware that the IRS really didn’t have any basis for a lawsuit. But direction from Obama to his buddy, Eric Holder (Attorney General) you end up fighting the government, with no limit of funds.

So, what I am writing about is government access to information, using all information collected from NSA, or other sources to persecute the Presidents’ enemies, or opponents. We are all familiar with this happening in totalitarian governments, but until now, not in America.

Don Crook

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