Regarding Carolyn Short’s commentary on Medical Marijuana (May 23): The writer states that the vote on this issue was a scam to legalize pot and has since “been proved right.” She provides no evidence for this.

She goes on to discuss the legalities of the issue, citing letters and actions taken by a collection of politicians.

She makes no mention of the many doctors, psychologists, scientists and patients who are for the program, nor of the 50 percent of the voters who approved it.

It should be understood that those patients seeking relief through the program for serious, painful, debilitating and even maddening conditions do not call for a politician, lawyer or journalist when they are out of options or do not choose to accept the chemicals offered by big pharma.

Ms. Short seems to prefer that these people be incarcerated for their misfortunes regardless of cost to taxpayers. This is tantamount to torture as it can only increase the pain and suffering while piling on legal costs and humiliation from abuse at the hands of the criminal “justice” system.

Jim Johnson


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