In “Just stating the facts,” (AFN, May 11) C.W. Griffin exposes himself as a gullible victim of lying Democrat propaganda, totally unconfused by readily available facts.

I am so relieved to learn from Griffin that I am financially better off under the Obama administration than I was under G.W. Bush. Aren’t you, too?

He even claims we were better off under President Carter. The way I remember it, in Carter’s reign, I managed pushing my car down a block-long line to the gas station because I was only in my late 30’s. Now, at double that age, I don’t look forward to it, but I think it’s coming, along with doubled electrical rates when the coal-fired SRP plant is shut down by Obama’s “we’ll bankrupt them” rules.

I’m astonished that Griffin would cite the S&P Index as a measure of the quality of an economy. Griffin certainly knows that the stock market is nothing more than a speculator’s (aka gambler’s or manipulator’s) game. Played, and lost recently, by such as JPMorgan Chase, your $2-plus-billion “stimulus,” managed by CEO Jamie Dimon, described by Obama, after the loss, as a “very good bank manager” (aka campaign contributor)? Perhaps, by Griffin’s measure, we should be happy that the speculator-driven price of oil is so high. Must mean the economy is just dandy?

But I’ll be fair to Griffin. Surf the Internet for S&P information and look for logarithmic plots, so you can see percentage trends from administration-to-administration. Some wiggles, but the overall trend is steady. We call that inflation.

I’m always puzzled by Griffin’s rants. Is he so overwhelmed by Bush Derangement Syndrome that he can’t be rational? Or is he a shill for malicious Democrat mischief? He certainly must have studied Darrell Huff’s book, “How to Lie with Statistics.”

If you agree with Griffin please be sure to vote Obama back into office, so he can pursue his “If I Wanted America to Fail” agenda, see

Or maybe Griffin is into a “cool” President,

Me, I’m taking the “Gone with the Wind” stance, “Frankly Miss Scarlet, I don’t give a...” I, and my family, are high-tech skilled. We’ll survive, even if it means expatriation (it’s becoming popular).

Jim Thompson

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