Any of our Arizona legislators, be they Democrats or Republicans, conservatives or liberals, men or women, or members of the coffee or tea parties, who aren’t smart enough to know that the Fiesta Bowl and/or lobbyists are giving them freebies to curry favor with them aren’t intelligent enough to serve as our lawmakers.

Legislators who took free trips or free tickets from the Fiesta Bowl should either resign, be recalled or voted out of office in the next election. We need and deserve ethical and intelligent lawmakers.

Too many of the freeloading legislators, including those who ex post de facto “amended” their reporting forms, have displayed neither.

To add insult to injury, two of these scofflaws aspire to be rewarded for their lack of ethics and judgment by taking out a nominating petition to be our next governor and to run for a seat in Congress. Talk about hubris and a sense of self-entitlement!

I hope my fellow ethical and intelligent Arizona voters will vote these politicians out of office regardless of party affiliation or philosophical leanings.

Richard K. Meszar


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