I have written before about Barack Obama appointing 33 czars (who are actually central planners), one to each economic sector. This letter is to explain the difference between a capitalist system, having competition as its basis, and a collective system, having central planners at its basis.

Our present competitive system is based on the Rule of Law, meaning that our laws are permanently in place, allowing businesses to plan operations and compete within the law.

The collective system has central planners that take direction from the President, and make sure all policy is enforced in their sectors. If all policy is determined by the government, then there is no way that a business can operate effectively. Because the collective system controls nearly the whole economy, if a person is not working in areas that are identified as under a czar this person will find that his work will be affected, and will ultimately be placed under a czar. The end result will be complete control of America’s economy.

The capitalist system has fixed laws, allowing both individuals and companies to plan for the future, but the collectivist system (socialist, communist, and totalitarian systems) have central planners, whose job is to create rules/laws that vary versus time, affecting people, and companies. Also, under capitalism the individuals and companies make decisions for themselves, but under Obamas’ collectivism the government makes all decisions for each czar, effectively determining the future of the whole economy. These czars create a very scary future for America, and this could be the beginning of a totalitarian country. I hope that this clarifies central planning.

Don Crook

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