It's 1917, yesterday

Dear Editor:

Once upon a time the song lyric was "you're a little bit country, I'm a little bit rock ‘n roll." Nowadays, it's you're a bit fascist, I'm a little communist, comrade!

When the national government controls the economy by directing companies what to do and when to do it, that's amore - fascist style. However, when the federal government actually owns outright or at least a controlling part of the companies, that's communism - national socialism run amok!

Previously, the feds gained control of the banking and insurance industries, but now they have engineered the takeover of the auto industry, while installing United Auto Workers (U.A.W.) Soviets (worker's councils) to direct GM and Chrysler with U.A.W. political commissars (union political leaders) passing on the orders from the White House-appointed auto czar.

With this autocratic regime's 15, or is it now 16, czars and czarinas to oversee and coordinate federal objectives, comrades, we not only have a new layer of bureaucracy - political commissars magically appearing before our eyes, but also a layer of White House-cherished tax-cheating yes men.

And that's why Patrick Henry cells are springing up throughout the Western states.

Alan Tindale


Two for Sal

Dear Editor:

We are founding members of the Ahwatukee Foothills Crime Prevention Taskforce. Our organization formed over 15 years ago when we realized that our rapidly growing community had little police service and needed to forge a stronger connection with the mayor, City Council and other city officials in order to facilitate much-needed change.

Since that time we've seen a change from only two police officers patrolling our area at any given time, to six patrol squads and three specialty squads of officers stationed in our own police substation.

Much of the progress our community has realized came during the tenure of our most recent city councilman, Greg Stanton. Thank you, Greg, for your service.

But prior to Greg coming to the Phoenix City Council, Sal DiCiccio was our councilman. Sal's past efforts as our councilman laid the foundation for many of the amazing changes our community has seen and were the starting point for the increase of police services in our area.

We have always found Sal to make a point to be accessible to his constituents and to pro-actively respond to concerns from citizens in his district. Some of Sal's top priorities in the past when he was previously in office were increasing our community public safety, increasing our number of patrol officers and developing a creative solution for a permanent home in our community for our patrol officers. Sal also promoted the idea given to him from a citizen of Ahwatukee about the benefit of combining separately planned city projects - the police station and the Pecos Park Community Center - into a shared community servicing center within Pecos Park, a move which saved many thousands of dollars and helped us get "more out of our limited financial resources."

It was Sal who negotiated with VESTAR, the company that developed three-fourths of the retail space at the corner of 48th Street and Ray Road for a "$5 for five years" lease on space for our original satellite police substation next to Ulta.

It was Sal who helped Ahwatukee obtain a full-time ambulance stationed within our community at the then-new Foothills Fire Station, which greatly reduced emergency ambulance response times.

Sal has been, in the past, currently is at present, and will be if re-elected, an intelligent, pro-active, accessible, caring vocal champion, not only for the citizens of Ahwatukee, but for all of the citizens in his district. 

In addition, Sal continues to advocate for increased fiscal responsibility within the city.

In light of his proven track record and the future benefit of having Sal as our councilman and advocate, we strongly urge you to vote to elect Sal DiCiccio for District 6 Phoenix City Council office in September. 

Mary Conant

Peggy Schaefer

Co-Coordinators of the Ahwatukee-Foothills Crime Prevention Task Force




I ♥ the P.O.

Dear Editor:

The Republican Party's leader, Rep. John Boehner of Ohio, recently compared the idea of a government-run health care system to the United States Postal Service, disparaging the latter thusly: "If you like going to the post office and think it's the most efficient thing you have run into, then you will love the government-run health care system that they're proposing."

I would like to write in defense of our local post office in Ahwatukee on 51st Street. I go there all the time and they are excellent, providing quality service that is friendly and dependable. They deliver my mail all year long with no mistakes and costs, what, 42 cents?

The USPS is the most reliable and least expensive shipping service. I hope we always have them around here in Ahwatukee Foothills. Just last week I had to wait over 40 minutes to see my doctor and I had an infant with me. A week before that, my doctor was an hour late to my hernia operation. This is hardly efficient, and hardly exceptional.

Regarding Mr. Boehner's use of tired stereotypes - usual Republican reaction to a lack of ideas driven by corporate financiers. He'd probably wish to never get any letters from his constituents, but I would presume that some of the fat corporate campaign checks he gets, most notably from the health care industry, arrive in the ... gasp ... mail!

Poll after poll show a majority of Americans in favor of a single-payer, government-run health care option. If Mr. Boehner and the Republican Party, who are set on depriving Americans from coverage and choice, aren't listening to the majority of Americans, just who are they listening to?

Eric Day


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