Dear Editor: I'm writing this on a Saturday night but, sadly, it's not Saturday Night Live. If it were, I'd begin my commentary with "Linda, you ignorant (you know what)." In Linda Turley-Hansen's rant about bigotry toward senior women ("Bigotry toward senior women primeval," Jan. 4, AFN), Linda can't help but project her own self image issues onto senior women everywhere. But to defend Hillary Clinton in any form or fashion ... C'mon! I've studied a little history about Hillary and Margaret Thatcher, and from what I can tell, Hillary is no Margaret Thatcher. Now, if you put a Margaret Thatcher, or an Indira Gandhi, or a Golda Meir equivalent on the presidential ballot, I guarantee my fellow bigots and I will vote her into the White House faster than you and your friends can zip up your muumuus. Tom Nichols

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