I just got through reading another rant about income inequality from the extreme left (Robert Reich).

Obama and many newspapers are also trying to bring this about as a metric of success. These extremists bring up income inequality, knowing that capitalism thrives on competition (there are winners and losers), so income equality cannot exist. Obama then steers America towards Marxist teachings, without mentioning Marxism.

There is no guarantee of income equality in America, it’s not in the Constitution, it’s only in the sights of the far left.

If you want income equality just go to Russia. It is called Communism. In a Communist society, the government dictates all salaries. This is also what Obama has done in America. Through executive order, he has already appointed 34 Czars, representing the whole economic sector. In Russia, these Czars are called central planners. They dictate all policy to all companies in their respective sector. In fact Obama has said that all doctors under Obamacare will be paid the same salary, irrespective of specialty. This is Communism, but he will never say so, and Americans don’t seem to care. All Czars will implement salary control in their sector. The upshot of it is that Obama has already replaced capitalism with communism in America without telling us. Will America ever wake up to this?

Don Crook

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