This fall America is going to have an election. This is not going to be an election for president, but the Republican party has shown that it doesn’t know how to win an election. John McCain would have had an easy win if he approached it as Sarah Palin wanted: she wanted to attack Barack Obama where he was most vulnerable, his defective character. Sen. McCain only wanted to attack Obamas’ policies, refusing to do as Palin advised. By his actions, he was allowing Obama to win.

In case it isn’t apparent to everyone out there what Obamas’ character defects are, here are a few: 1) Obama is a Muslim, and has been all of his life. He had a Muslim father, who he adored. 2) He went to school in Indonesia, and while all of the kiddies at school in America were saying their Pledge of Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, Obama was busy pledging his allegiance to the country of Indonesia.

Everyone should understand that in order to attend school in Indonesia the student has to renounce all alliances with other countries. The student must only be a citizen of Indonesia, and must be Muslim. So, it really doesn’t matter where he was born, he is only a citizen of Indonesia.

He attended college at Occidental, Columbia, and Harvard. During his college years he was introduced to Alinskyism. Saul Alinsky spent his life trying to destroy America, writing the book, “Rules for Rebels,” and conducting training sessions on how to efficiently destroy America from the inside (for selected pupils).

All pupils were disenfranchised, consisting of Communists and ex-prisoners. All hated America. Obama was trained by a protégé of Alinsky. He then taught Alinsky activism, while working for ACORN ( his only job working in the private sector). 3) Obamas’ best friend was Bill Ayers, who was an admitted terrorist. Ayers was also best man at his wedding, Ayers’ wife, Bernadine Dohn, was also a terrorist and member of the Weather Underground. It seems that every friend of Obama was an American hater.

These examples of Obamas’ defective character were only a few issues. Many more exist. If these issues were brought out during the election of 2008, and 2012, I would bet that Obama wouldn’t have been president.

Don Crook

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