Well, the Republican Victory Fund is at it again, attacking Dr. Janie Hydrick with lies disguised as facts. They sent out a third flier calling Hydrick a “Union Boss,” even though she is just a member of the Arizona Education Association. They also repeated all of their other lies from the previous fliers. It just goes to show their disdain for the voters, treating them like gullible idiots. This time, they even pretended to back up their opinions with citations; of course, the citations were not connected in any way to their purported “facts.”

A candidate should reflect the values of a community, as Janie Hydrick, a published author and one of the most respected educators in Arizona for the past 40 years, has.

The hero of the Republican Victory Fund has voted for stripping billions from public education, removing health care from hundreds of thousands of women and children, and sweeping funds intended for struggling homeowners, so they could fund private prisons instead, and voted for allowing guns in schools. Those things do not reflect the values of our community.

Reject the lies and vote for Dr. Janie Hydrick.


Frank Bing

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Looks like your AEA pimping was eminently unsuccessful [lol]

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