I saw one of the most amazing things the day Weiner made the announcement he was resigning.

I was at the company cafeteria to grab a sandwich and the TVs were all on news channels with all the reporters waiting breathlessly to hear what Weiner was going to say (unbelievable that they never wait that breathlessly for anyone with any morals to say anything - but that's another story).

Anyway, there was some white-haired old dude being interviewed by a reporter about the Weiner situation. The old dude's position (undoubtedly a Democrat) was that Weiner probably could have survived this if he had just come out initially and been honest.

So let me get this right (and this is a statement on the condition of all our political leaders): Now that we know this scum bag is a pervert, if he had just been honest about being a pervert, we could live with that?

But because he lied about it, he has to go? So if you are an honest pervert, it's OK? If you are a lying pervert, you are not OK? Just being a pervert is not enough to warrant your removal from office?

This is the logic from our elected political leaders. These are the people that make laws that govern and control our lives. What have we done to ourselves?

Scott Lanham

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