Dear Editor:

I love (Elizabeth Evan's "Mom Interrupted") columns and laugh out loud as I read them. But I want to thank you for your column ("I am boycotting pointless ranting," AFN, Oct. 15) calling for us moderates to boycott fear and rage. My husband says we are "militant moderates" and, as such, we've boycotted cable "news" (not) and actually read - gasp - a daily newspaper. What a concept!

Although we don't discuss politics in social situations, we've been labeled by friends because we listen to Science Friday on NPR. Also labeled for watching Oprah. And did you know there are some PBS children's shows that will label you, too? I honestly didn't know that these were political schemes to destroy or brainwash us.

Anyway, it was such a delight to read your column and know that we aren't alone in not signing on to the politics of rage and the religion of outrage.

Thanks for your voice of sanity, and your always wonderful sense of humor.

Deb Davis

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